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12:00 Noon

Holy Eucharist in Spanish

Catecism Classes:
Thursdays at 7 pm
Bishop visitation and Celebration of New Ministry,
November 26, 2020 at
11:00 am, both English and Spanish.

Bible Study: "Unveiling the Sunday Lessons," using Lectio Divina.  Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. in the church.

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Clases de Catecismo:
Jueves a las 7:00 pm

Tendremos la visitación de la Obispo , el 26 de Noviembre del 2020 a las 11:00 am.


10:00 am

Holy Eucharist in English

Estudio de la Biblia: "Presentación de las lecciones dominicales", usando Lectio Divina, 6:30 p.m. en la Iglesia. 

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Rev. Fr. Dr. Carl Hansen


     Gists for Jesus

          Summary of Fr. Carl's Sermon, Feb. 3, 2019:   
        Each of the four Gospels is unique, while woven with common threads of the Good News.  Only  Luke, however, includes an addendum - the Acts of the Apostles, which he also wrote.  Acts is a  summary of struggles within the church that still  plague us: attitudes of exclusive thinking about who can claim Jesus' authority, and what should be required in order for people to be considered members of Christ's Body.   Acts also instructs us  that tending to the needs of those who are  poor or outcast in any way is our primary duty as  an expression of God's love for them.  Grace is unconditional inclusion of all in God's heart and tangible action in helping those in need.  In  Jesus' first teaching of his ministry, he quotes Isaiah and exhorts us to listen, "This scripture is fulfilled in your hearing." (See Isaiah 61:1a).

    Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon, February 10, 2019:
                        MAKING MINDS DULL
Perhaps the most confusing and troubling words in the Bible are what God told Isaiah during a vision he had of God on his throne, with his hem filling the temple, Seraphs serving him, voices thundering all around smoke filling the house of God.  After a painful confession from Isaiah and receiving God's forgiveness, Isaiah accepted God's call to be sent as God's messenger.  The troubling part is what God wanted Isaiah to do: "Go and say to the people, "Keep listening, but do not comprehend; keep looking, but do not understand.  Make the mind of this people dull, and stop their ears and shut their eyes, so that they may not ....turn and be healed."  God does not want us not to listen, but knows our nature as well as God knew Adam and Eve in the Garden.  He was assuring Isaiah that his prophetic ministry would not be in vain even when people don't listen.  He was also saying that those who don't listen are not out of his sight or his grace, for in the end, they will know that the "holy seed (Jesus) is its stump."  Be faithful to sharing your faith with others through words and actions of love, and let God to the rest.
     Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon,  February 17, 2019     
                    LOVE YOUR ENEMIES
        The Gospels of Matthew and Luke contain teachings of Jesus we call the Beatitudes."  It's not a common word, with synonyms such as Blessings, Wisdom, and Grace.  My favorite synonym is "Epiphanies."  They reveal God to us.  One of them is "Blessed are the Peacemakers," which is soon ollowed by "Love your enemies."  We learn from Jesus that God loves all human beings in his mission of forgiveness.  He lived and died for the good and the wicked, those who listen and those who don't, for his friends and his enemies.  Jesus says, Love your enemies."  Why? Because God does, and God will find a way to be reconciled with them.  The cross tells us how, and friend or foe, he loves us all. 

      Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon, March 3, 2019
                 ASH WEDNESDAY
                 With my message in the obituaries of the Rustler each week, I think of the profound sorrow we all feel at a time of loss in our family.  I read their stories, and we pray at St. Mark's for those mentioned and their families.  Today is Ash Wednesday.  "Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return," are the words said as ashes from the palms used in prior year's Pal Sunday are marked on our foreheads in the sign of theCros.  Yes, this is intended to remind us of our mortality, what we might be humble, but also to assure us of God's indestructible love from the cross that will never abandon us.             


                  EASTER MESSAGES   

                 Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon, May 5, 2019

                "  Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe." (John 20:29)  Jesus spoke of those who in every age since the Cross have opened their hearts to Christ in the person of the Holy Spirit.  God as our creator sustains us and all of creation.  But, as far as we know, only human beings are given the ability to make the choice of whether to trust, to permit God to be heard, and to follow our Lord's way of love and hope.  Only human beings can grow in this choice of conversation with eternity, and in each moment become instruments of God's blessing.  Let us choose love and light, rather than fear and darkness."

                 Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon, May 12, 2019 

                 "Cast your net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some fish."  (John 21:6)  When we not only listen to Jesus, but do what he invites us to do, we will find abundance in our lives.  As their Risen Lord, Jesus helped the disciples realize that Jesus was still with them, and that the Cross, as terrible as it was, proved God's abiding love for humanity even through the consequences of our inevitably horrible choices.  My mother used to say with a smile, "You got up on the wrong side of the bed today!"  Let us arise to the right side of the gift of life, and follow the One who truly loves us.

                Summary of Fr. Carl's sermon, May 19, 2019

                Does faith require that we set aside our rational mind to believe only what science can prove for meaning in life?  Not at all.  Such thinking corrupts faith and can lead to great evils in our relationships.  Faith is simply choosing from the evidence of what works for a better world.  Love works better than fear and neglect.  Every day we see the goodness of self-giving for the sake of others:  Heroism, charity, hospitality, even a smile, can make our day brighter and better, compared to cowardly, self-serving, and predatory behavior.  Science simply gives us the ability to love enen better - or to fear and hate with disastrous consequences.  Which way would you choose?  Faith is about love, and was from the beginning.




Rev. Fr. Diaz

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The Founder

 The Rev. James Shannon McGowan

  Minister and Founder of Seven Churches in California from 1873 until his Death in 1915. Saint Mark's in King City is one of them.

 "These seven churches built and consecrated during forty years are witnesses of the cross and gospel of Christ, which is the power of God unto salvation. And if they did cost toil and privation and danger and weakness of the flesh, yet it is worth it all to know that some souls, longing for the light, have seen it and that thirsty souls have drunk of the priceless water of life.

Others, I trust, will carry on the work of faith and the labor of love for His dear sake, who loved us and washed us in his own blood.

To Him be glory and dominion and power for ever and ever. Amen".